CSIR – Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Chennai
May 2017 – July 2017 | Mentor: Dr. Bala Pesala

  • Heart rate variability monitoring and Fatigue Detection
    • Designed and developed a blood pulse monitoring watch using Bluno Beetle and PPG sensors
    • Developed an Android app with a multithreaded architecture for realtime communication with the wearable (github)
    • Implemented efficient buffers for high speed data transfer between the Android app and the wearable device

Research Experience

1. BCI Research, BITS Pilani
January 2018 – Present | Mentor: Dr. Vandana Agarwal

  • Identifying patterns in EEG signals using machine learning techniques
  • Exploring EEG Confusion dataset to identify learner’s confusion in MOOC videos
  • Tested various classification methods like SVM, K Nearest Neighbor, Gaussian Naive Bayes, Neural Networks

2. CSIR – Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani
August 2017 – December 2017 | Mentor: Dr. Dhiraj Sangwan

  • Primary study on threat detection from X-Ray images X-ray image of baggage using bag-of-words, sparse KNN and Deep Learning Models.

3. Advanced Data Analytics and Parallel Technologies lab, BITS Pilani
August 2017 – December 2017 | Mentor: Dr. Navneet Goel

  • Focus of study: Concurrent and Distributed Data Structures (github)
  • Explored MPI and OpenMP
  • Worked on writing parallel & distributed code for data mining algorithms

Academic Projects

1. aiBot (github)
September 2017 – Present

  • Solving real world problems using Artificial Intelligence
    • Bayesian Network Simulation on real world scenario
    • Connect 4 game playing bot
    • First Order Logic Inference System
    • Time Table Scheduling Bot
    • Vacuum Cleaner Bot

2. Association Rule Mining in ANC Dataset (github)
October 2017 – November 2017

  • Exploring BITS Pilani’s All Night Canteen’s transactions dataset to find interesting patterns
    • The first problem includes finding interesting associations between items frequently bought together to implement a dynamic pricing scheme
    • The second problem is to identify low rated items and how they are bought together with well rated items, so that they can be clubbed together at discounted price to avoid loss of sales in future

3. Jarvis Patrick Clustering in Racket (github)
November 2017

  • Exploring functional programming in Racket by implementing a clustering algorithm

4. Logic Programming (github)
November 2016

  • Implemented a simple expression reducer : to a given Sum of Product / Product of Sum expression
  • Implemented a Student Knowledge Base : a query answering system using information about students and courses in BITS Pilani, bound by the institute’s academic regulations

Independent Projects

The following are some fun projects I am doing / have done in the past. The list is not exhaustive. Please visit my github profile for latest updates.


  1. TINY : A C/C++ Library to simulate Turing Machines, inline
  2. PACRYPT : a PolyAlphabet enCRYPTion program
  3. ds : Scalable implementations of common data structures


  1. neuralNetworks : Visualization of learning in neural networks; studying the properties of various ANN models


  1. spin-ui : A light-weight customizable browser based text editor
  2. hello : A clean about-me website template

Visual Basic (high school projects)

The following few apps are among the many that I made as fun projects in my high school. They have been written in Visual Basic 6. More on github.

  • Writer MDI
    • A light-weight Multi Document Interface, word processor
  • Media Studio
    • A wrapper for the Windows Media Player control
  • Surf
    • Used the internet explorer control to build a web browser wrapper

“There’s more to humans than meets the eye”


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