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I am a Research Assistant at Video Analytics Lab, IISc Bangalore, advised by Prof. R. Venkatesh Babu. I received my B. E. (with Honors) in Computer Science from BITS Pilani in 2019. My research interests lie in the field of Artificial Intelligence (specifically Deep Learning methods) and at present, I’m exploring the intersection of Knowledge Representation, Distillation, and Adaptation in Computer Vision. In the past, I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in India at BITS Pilani, CSIR-CEERI & Samsung Research.



[Apr 2019] One paper accepted in CVPR 2020 Workshop. Congrats to my co-authors at VAL – Vivek, Ambareesh and Prof. Venkatesh! Paper title: “Plug-and-Pipeline: Efficient Regularization for Single-Step Adversarial Training”

[Mar 2019] Our paper “Towards Inheritable Models for Open-set Domain Adaptation” has been accepted for Oral presentation at CVPR 2020.

[Mar 2019] Submitted 1 paper to ECCV 2020.

[Feb 2019] Two papers accepted in CVPR 2020. Congrats to my co-authors at VAL – Jogendra, Rahul, Ambareesh and Prof. Venkatesh! Papers Titled: “Towards Inheritable Models for Open-set Domain Adaptation”, and, “Universal Source-Free Domain Adaptation”. Find them here.

[Feb 2019] I will be conducting a DLCV lecture on PyTorch. 11:30 – 1 PM on Wednesday, Feb 12th, 2020. Here’s the Colab Notebook.

[Dec 2019] Check out Deep Learning for Computer Vision – A Beginner’s Checklist and Resources for some Stanford’s AI Courses

[Dec 2019] I will be attending NCVPRIPG ’19. I thank Prof. Venkatesh and IISc, Bangalore for sponsoring my registration, travel & stay!

[Nov 2019] Submitted 2 papers to CVPR 2020.

[Oct 2019] Served as a Reviewer for the 7th National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG ’19).

[Sep 2019] Submitted 1 paper to ICLR 2020.

[Sep 2019] Submitted 1 paper to AAAI 2020.

[Jul 2019] Received my B. E. (with Honors) in Computer Science, from Birla Institute of Technology and Science at Pilani.

[Jun 2019] I am one of the very few Undergraduate students selected for the 3rd workshop on Brain, Computation, and Learning (BCL 2019) hosted at IISc, Bangalore.

[Jun 2019] I have joined Video Analytics Lab, IISc as a Research Assistant.

[May 2019] Submitted 1 paper to NeurIPS 2019.

[May 2019] Submitted my undergraduate thesis on the topic “Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: An Online Learning Scenario”.

[Jan 2019] Pursuing my undergraduate thesis under Prof. Venkatesh Babu, IISc.

[Jul 2019] I will be leading the AI Subsystem at Sally Robotics.

[Aug 2018] I will be pursuing a research project at CEERI, Pilani as an Undergraduate RA under the guidance of Prof. Santanu Chaudhury.

[May 2018] BITS ACM has received the Outstanding Recruitment Program Award by ACM. Congratulations team!

[Apr 2018] I will be joining Samsung Research, Bangalore as a summer intern.

[Jan 2018] I will be pursuing a research project at BITS Pilani as an Undergraduate RA under the guidance of Prof. Vandana Agarwal.

[Aug 2017] I will be pursuing a research project at CEERI, Pilani as an Undergraduate RA under the guidance of Dr. Dhiraj Sangwan.

[Apr 2017] I will be joining CEERI, Chennai as a summer intern.

[Mar 2017] I will be serving as the BITS ACM Design Chair for the session 2018-2019.

[Jan 2017] BITS ACM has received the Best Student Chapter Award by ACM India. Congratulations team!

[Aug 2016] I will be serving as Chief Design Officer for Conquest 2017.

[Feb 2016] Participated in Startup Weekend at BITS Pilani. We presented our startup idea, “Know Your College” – a one-stop solution to explore higher degree programs and faculties using an intuitive UI.

[Jan 2016] Joined Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, a center of excellence at BITS Pilani promoting Entrepreneurship.

[Jan 2016] Joined BITS-ACM. I will be working on design and publicity for ACM events.

[Aug 2015] Joined NSS-CLP. This semester, I will be conducting classes in programming (C++, Python, HTML/CSS). Join me on Mon-Wed-Fri from 4-6 PM at PRC.

[Aug 2015] Joined the Department of External Affairs, APOGEE. I will be working on Aarohan 2016, an international Science and Math examination.

[May 2015] Received an All-India-Rank under 2500 among 1.3L candidates in JEE (Adv), and a BITSAT score of 391/450. I will be joining BITS Pilani.

A summary of my past work

While doing my major in Computer Science, I pursued Graphic Designing as a hobby. As much as I liked flowing my creativity through digital artworks, my study in Computer Science elevated my curiosity to discover ways to inculcate this creativity into a machine. I took courses in the field of AI to learn how to formalize this creativity using mathematical tools and computation. Working on a variety of problems in AI helped me understand the complexity of such a machine and led me to venture into this field.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest scientists and professors in India. I ventured into Computer Vision with a project under Dr. Dhiraj Sangwan, on Baggage Threat Detection using deep learning. Later, under the guidance of Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, I worked on Real-time Face Spoof Detection in RGB cameras. I pursued an internship at Samsung Research, where I worked on Improving the Conversational AI of a Social Robo, under the mentorship of Dr. Pinaki Bhaskar. I have also briefly explored the domain of Signal Processing. During my internship at CEERI, Chennai, I worked under the guidance of Dr. Bala Pesala on building an Arduino based wearable sensor and a smartphone app for Detecting Fatigue in Drivers using PPG signals. Later, supervised by Prof. Vandana Agarwal, I studied the problem of Detecting Mental Confusion using EEG signals.

These experiences equipped me to lead the AI Subsystem of Sally Robotics – BITS Pilani’s first Driverless Car research group. Currently, I am focusing on Knowledge transfer across domains and tasks using efficient neural network models. For details, here’s my work experience and the projects I’ve worked in the past.

Other Interests

When I’m not working, I usually find myself practicing Carnatic Vocal Music and playing the Venu (Carnatic Flute). I’m a huge fan of Sandbox & Open world games (especially Minecraft!).

Long-term Vision

While recent advancements in AI have brought significant developments to various fields, even today there are much more challenging problems at a global scale that are less explored by the AI community. Climate Change, for instance, requires immediate attention from every individual and calls for judicious use of environmental-friendly resources. Applications of AI to such problems (for eg. predicting the carbon emission of a city if each household uses LED light bulbs instead of CFL) can bring forth huge leaps in a safe future for humanity. In this view, I wish to progress in a direction that can contribute to solving such global-scale problems. Here’s a naive but a positive note:

Creativity is something that nature has designed into us. Be creative enough to design it on a computer, and it will do the rest for you.

Have a nice day!