3:20 AM, two Vector Designs and counting…

It’s 3:20 AM, here in Pilani. I’ve got my comprehensive examination (Final Exam) in Biology tomorrow, and I’m spending my night in doing some #designing work in Adobe Illustrator. So, here it goes.

My first Vector Graphic Design, in Adobe Illustrator.

Dream Banner

My second “lite” Vector Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator.

Nav Logo

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Organ On a Chip

As global health is a matter of concern today, people are finding ways to discover drugs that that are effective against diseases. But finding out how our body reacts to those drugs is of greater concern. However, developing drugs that are cost effective is difficult especially when there are too few means to ascertain whether they are safe for human trials.

One way is to simulate a body part using physical models. However, to attain a real life simulation we need real cells. But human cells are not used to the environment outside the body. So we need to set the right environment. Thus the concept of “Organ-on-a-chip”, which is a combination of both cells and physical models, has become popular.

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Hi there!

If you want me to describe myself in one word, I’d say, “ComputerGeekMusicLoverProgrammerProgamerScienceLover”
And, I love the sentence case just because of this.

I am about to join a college. So, I’m using this time to the fullest to get myself back online.

I did make many blogs since 2009, but now I’m planning to combine all of my online stuff into one piece. #BackToSquareOne

So, here I go to reboot my #ServerProcessor.

See you soon..