Paper Reviews

Here are a few academic papers I’ve read. I have briefly mentioned my observations and inferences in these reviews. Some of them were a part of my academic courses, and I studied some out of my interest. These reviews are open to brainstorming and critique.

  1. A fixed size Bloom Filter for Searching Textual Documents (M. A. Shepherd, W. J. Phillips and C. K. Chu)
    Original Paper | Paper Review
  2. On the complex domain deep machine learning for face recognition (B.K Tripathi)
    Original Paper | Paper Review
  3. Brain Computer Interfaces, A Review (Luis Fernando Nicolas-Alonso, Jaime Gomez-Gil)
    Original PaperPresentation
  4. Comparison of adaptive features with linear discriminant classifier for Brain Computer Interfaces (Carmen Vidaurre and Alois Schlögl)
    Original Paper | Presentation