Thanks for visiting my website.

I am Naveen Venkat, a final year student pursuing B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) with honors in Computer Science at BITS Pilani (an Institute of Eminence in India).

A brief about my work

While pursuing my major in Computer Science, my primary hobby was Graphic Designing till early 2017. As much as I liked flowing my creativity through digital artworks, my study in theoretical computer science elevated my curiosity to know if I could inculcate this creativity into a computer. I took courses in the field of AI that could help me understand how a computer could interact with the real world and learn to think intelligently. Working on a variety of problems in AI helped me understand the complexity of such a machine, leaving me even more curious to study the field.

Over the years I have worked with professors and scientists in India, on various domains in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methods. During summer 2018 at Samsung Research, I worked on Intimacy Estimation for a Social Robo, under Dr. Pinaki Bhaskar, involving the analysis of human behavior through vision and natural language understanding. Last summer (2017), I had worked at CSIR-CEERI Chennai, on the Driver Fatigue Detection project under Dr. Bala Pesala (Principal Scientist), where I developed a heart rate monitoring wearable based on Bluno Beetle. I have worked under Dr. Dhiraj Sangwan (Scientist, CEERI Pilani), on Threat Detection in Baggages using deep learning. I was also the youngest student to work on Deep Learning for Brain Computer Interfaces at my University, under Prof. Vandana Agarwal (Asst. Prof., BITS Pilani), where I proposed an LSTM & Band Power Estimation based neural network architecture that was more robust to noise in detecting mental confusion in a student watching MOOC videos. Currently, I am working under Prof. Santanu Chaudhury (Director, CEERI & Prof., IIT Delhi) on Real-time Spoof Detection in cameras, and leading the AI Subsystem of Sally Robotics – the Autonomous Mobility Research Group at Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS). For details, here’s my work experience and the projects I’ve worked in the past.

Other Interests

When I’m not working, I usually find myself practicing Carnatic Vocal Music and playing the Venu (Carnatic Flute). I’m a huge fan of Sandbox & Open world games (especially Minecraft!).

Long-term Vision

In the long run, I want to contribute to the development of a morally enhanced Artificial General Intelligence that is able to think, learn and act accordingly in any scenario – similar to a human level thinking. I wish to work on various problems that can help make discoveries & advance the field of AI in this direction. Here’s a naive but a positive note:

Creativity is something that nature has designed into us. Designing it on a computer is all that is required.

Have a nice day!


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