Thanks for visiting my website.

I am Naveen Venkat, a final year student pursuing B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) with honors in Computer Science at BITS, Pilani (an Institute of Eminence in India).

A brief about my work

While pursuing my major in Computer Science, Graphic Design was my primary hobby till early 2017. During this time, I explored the creativity of the mind in the form of Graphic Design, working in several organizations in my University. As much as I liked flowing my creativity through digital artworks, my study in theoretical computer science elevated my curiosity to know if I could inculcate this creativity into a computer. I took courses in the field of AI that could help me understand how a computer could interact with the real world and learn to think intelligently. Working on a variety of problems in AI helped me understand the complexity of such a machine, leaving me even more curious to study the field.

Over the years I have worked with professors and scientists in India, on various domains in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methods. During summer 2018 at Samsung Research, I worked on “intimacy estimation for a social robo”, under Dr. Pinaki Bhaskar, involving the analysis of human behavior through vision and natural language understanding. Last summer (2017), I had worked at CSIR-CEERI Chennai, on the “driver fatigue detection” project under Dr. Bala Pesala (Principal Scientist). I have worked under Dr. Dhiraj Sangwan (Scientist, CEERI Pilani), on “threat detection in baggages”. I was also the youngest student to work on “Deep Learning for Brain Computer Interfaces” at my University, under Prof. Vandana Agarwal (Asst. Prof., BITS Pilani). Currently, I am working under Prof. Santanu Chaudhury (Director, CEERI & Prof., IIT Delhi) on Spoof Detection, and building an Autonomous Vehicle team at Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS). Please have a look at my work, for more.

Long-term Vision

In the long run, I want to contribute to the development of a robust, morally enhanced Artificial General Intelligence that is able to think, learn and act accordingly in any scenario – similar to a human level thinking. I wish to work on various problems that can help make discoveries in this direction. I will leave you with naive but a positive note. Creativity is something that nature has designed into us. Designing it on a computer is all that is required. 🙂


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