Pure vector extract pigmented with breathtaking colours.



A perfect blend of blue, red, orange and yellow. Couldn’t find a better way to express this combination. The bottom blue keeps it clean, while minimal details go with the orange space. The use of only circles and straight lines keeps the design simple.

Ice Cream-01

Ice Creams.

Back in my school days, Mango, Orange, Lime, Raspberry and Cola used to be the most popular stick ice creams. Mmm.. :3

Well here, notice how the purple background beautifully supports light as well as dark colours even when all are placed together. Purple – Yellow has been my favorite combination among the purple series. It turns out that darkening the background downwards and darkening the foreground upwards blends these colours easily.



A typical night scene – resembling those featured in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels.

Shades of Blue, Green, White and Midnight Black – perfect to set the scene. The deliberate placement of trees and buildings at one end of the canvas let’s the viewer enjoy the beauty of the moolight while still filling the empty space.



Notice how all the colours sit comfortably on the soft cyan background. The soft cyan colour suits the rainbow because our eyes are so used to watching a rainbow in the vast blue sky.



Made with love, coffee, adobe illustrator.